About Us

Desmond & Molly Jones is our name and taming manes is our game.

While we work our magic enjoy more cool magazines
than you can shake a studded stick at.

Listen to our tunes and effortlessly catch up
with who’s new in the global music scene.

Never fear. Our music is never too loud for a sneaky forty winks.

There’s couture tea and gelato if you have a hankering and if you need to offload, we can always lend a friendly ear.

Coming to Desmond & Molly Jones, is like kicking back in a friend’s
lounge-room with the added bonus* of a super duper new “do”
and a skip in your step !

*      *      *     *

CLICK on the icon to the left to read the Desmond & Molly Jones Fairytale with illustrations by the talented Tara Marynowsky, who also painted our über-flattering team portraits.

* Don’t forget to click on the REWARDS tab & check out our new
Little Black Book – It’s tops !