FLUX: streets of surry hills by Richard Briggs

Musings of a Foreign Land – Surry Hills Sketches

Sydney artist and designer Richard Briggs will be displaying his artwork, drawn around the inner city suburb of Surry Hills.

The exhibition, Flux: streets of surry hills, will be held at local hair salon, Desmond and Molly Jones, on Tuesday December 3 7-9pm.

Many of the art pieces from this exhibition highlight the change that has taken place in iconic areas of Surry Hills.

“It’s a bit of commentary about how Surry Hills has evolved,” says the artist Richard Briggs.

Briggs is originally from Leeds in the UK and moved to Sydney in 2004, travelling via India and Nepal, where there was time to sit down and draw.

“I’ve always been interested in drawing, and when I started traveling, I was very influenced by the Alain de Botton book, The Art of Travel.

“It made me think about what you see when you travel compared with what you want to see and perceptions of what you should see,” he said.

“For example when you arrive in Sydney the guide books say you have to go and see the bridge and the Opera House, and whilst they are significant there are many other important and interesting places in the city to explore such as the little quirky back streets”

Hence – real, urban and very local – the streets of Surry Hills became his inspiration for this range of work.

Briggs first documented the suburb in 2005. His latest hand drawn sketches were completed this year and will be on display in conjunction with some of his original pieces from a decade ago.

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