The Alchemist

Born in the cultural wasteland that is Blacktown, Luke’s coped by imagining an alternate reality with him as Judge Dredd, loving a life full of art and music in Berlin all narrated by the guy from the 70s ‘War of the Worlds’. The power of hair showed itself early and soon Luke was negotiating late nights in return for brushing the babysitter’s hair, This high school Chess Champion was soon in demand for his skills and spent many lunchbreaks shaving Vanilla Ice undercuts and lines into eyebrows. Luke started washing hair to fund his chosen career as a musician, however reality bit hard and Luke soon opted for being the best damn hairdresser he could be. Soon he was winning hair awards like ARIAS and opened his own salon in Canberra. After moving back to Sydney with 3 kids, Luke heard about Desmond & Molly Jones on FBI radio, a keen DMJ collaborator and for 2 years waited for the right moment before just taking the bull by the horns. He called. Leonard answered and soon they started chatting about their shared passions –   music, art & hair -. Now we wonder… is Luke  Leonard’s brother from another mother ? Whatever.. we love him and his dreams of having a job with no desk, no computer and no uniform but with good music & great people have come true.


Bon Scott from ACDC for those hell tight jeans, Vikings.. beards & animal skins


Bill Murray – I just wanna touch him.


Tattooing, playing my vinyl and Hendricks Gin