Creative Colourist

Great colourists are cut from rare vintage cloth. Ones like Melinda that are ambidextrous, double jointed, love cooking shows and can talk under water with a mouthful of marbles – even rarer. Born in Darlinghurst to academic bohemians, Melinda’s dreamy early childhood was spent imagining she was Penny from Inspector Gadget in a country school with 8 pupils and a horse called Debbie.

But when she moved from rural NSW to the meanstreets of the Central Coast – her teens were less than rosy. Keen for more streetcred and a bit of forbidden hair colour, a defiant 13 yr old Melinda tricked her Granny into buying a voucher for some “colour streaks” at a local salon. An experience that changed her life forever. As soon as Melinda crossed the threshold it felt like coming home & she found herself gaily making teas and sweeping hair after her appointment. Add to that the sudden interest of a cool surfie boy post-streaks and Melinda was sold on being a colourist. At 15 yrs old she left school and totally immersed herself in all aspects of hair colouring – filling her dad’s office with trophy after trophy until her sister’s rugby “Tackle of the Year” trophy stole the limelight. Melinda immediately upped the ante and came to Desmond & Molly Jones Hairdressing.

Style Icons

ChloƩ Sevigny

Favourite holiday destination

Greece, great food and no hole over the ozone so I get to sunbake and not go pink like a flamingo

Best music to colour hair to

Beach House & Architecture in Helsinki