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POSTED May 12, 2010 AT 3:52 pm

rhie fashion week

To recreate this look…..

1. First spray dry hair the hair with EVO Salty Dog then dry the product in with your hairdryer moving the hair around with your fingers, try to move the hair up and in the opposite direction to its natural fall to create root lift.

2. Section the hair horizontally starting at the nape, and divide in to two to three different sized sections. Spray each section with a heat protecting spray such as EVO Icon Welder to protect the hair from heat.

3. Using a medium ceramic tong, wrap each section around the tong and hold, leaving the very ends out to give the hair an ‘S’ bend. Hold until the hair is too hot to touch and release. Continue this around the whole head.

4. On completion tip head upside down and give hair a thorough shake to seperate. Tip head back up and fiddle with hair until it sits how you would like.

5. If hair is fine mist with EVO Helmut hairspray for extra texture and hold.

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