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  • I must confess i adirme your confidence in sharing this cuz not very many 17yr olds wld do so.Well, all i can say is; WHATEVER YOU FEED URSELF WITH, IS SURELY WHAT COMES OUT. Whatever you do surely wld reflect and honestly speaking, sex and love scenes are very addictive for teenagers. Even for me! (i’m 26)If you know those scenes are distracting to you then please do stop. God isn’t happy with it either. There is a time for everything and God makes everything beautiful in HIS OWN TIME. Okay? Hope this helps Good luck dear. Please don’t let lust drag your great mind down ok? You are worth so much than that!!!Good luck

  • Thanks to this very informative blogs. I learn soo much from this one, and in fact, i will use what i learn here in penrentisg my class reportand of course! credits to Mr. Walter Lim.

  • I found myself nodding my noggin all the way thguhro.

  • This picture is prlceiess especially the wispy hairs in Hannah’s hand. Compare that in your memory to your haircut several years ago that kept getting shorter and shorter I’m sorry I laughed at your pain, but aren’t you grateful for the opportunity to have an extra bond with your daughter? I’m glad you captured the moment on film

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  • I was just wondering, what size clips are those in your prcuties? I have long, thick hair and I am curious what sizes to buy for a half-up and pony tail for myself.

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